Each Cleanouts project must be appraised by a project manager. If we were to provide a quotation or a fee for services without seeing the project and knowing what is necessary, we would be like a blind man judging a beauty contest. It just is not realistic for you or us.

To eliminate false expectations, every project must be seen before we can provide any of our services. Once we have seen the project, we have the capability to provide a FIXED fee for services and then after there is an agreement to proceed we provide a written document which includes exactly what will be done, how it will be done, how long it will take and exactly how much it will cost. GUARANTEED

No matter what you call it, “clutter” is a disaster, just waiting to occur. Seriously cluttered conditions always present a true safety, health and fire hazard. Moreover, the cost of being a Disposophobic is enormous in dollars and lost time.

The good news is that Clutter situations can be resolved, but almost never by the Disposophobic/ hoarder using their own devices.

To work over time a Disposophobic/ hoarder needs two things:

  • A very clean slate from which to start anew.
  • To admit to themselves that they have a problem and want to live a different and more productive life.

Having over 30 years of one-on-one experience working on Cleanouts for Disposophobics/ hoarders and their families, Disaster MastersĀ® have learned what works and what does not work. From these thousands of cases, we developed a systematic recovery Plan that works extraordinarily well, when the Disposophobic is willing to allow us to do what he or she cannot do for themselves.