Very often in cluttered residences, valuables are juxtaposed with the junk. When it comes to Cleanouts, our first order of business is a “search and salvage” operation. It is our process to carefully filter through and identify valuables such as official documents, photographs, ephemera and safeguard these items. We often uncover jewelry, money, checks, bonds, stock certificates, collectibles, etc., that have been buried in the homeowner’s debris for years. These items are placed in containers and presented to the person who authorized the project.Disaster Masters at Work

Disaster MastersĀ® do in bulk what most people do daily: On behalf of the client, we discard, keep, donate, or liquidate contents. We know the difference between trash and treasure.

We never throw the baby out with the bath water. For interested parties, we train people how to know the difference so that clutter between their ears is addressed as well. We can work with or without the client. Our expertise is in making cost effective, value judgments for the client and ensuring that our Cleanouts services are a success for each and every client.